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Seamless and Reliable

Cloud Portal is designed to follow you throughout your practice. Just tap your card anywhere you need to work.


Cloud Portal combines cloud desktops, management, and devices to provide dental practices with a turnkey IT solution for a per user subscription. Choose from laptop, desktop or all-in-one for each user. By including hardware in the subscription, IT costs move from CapEx to OpEx. Open new locations without large IT purchases.


The Hudson Cloud Systems team is at the ready to provide your users with fast remote support if they ever need it. Cloud Portal enables our helpdesk to remotely connect to any user device to diagnose and resolve issues remotely. Users can quickly and easily open a ticket with our helpdesk in our online support portal.

Tap & Go

Tap & Go login makes it easier than ever for users to securely sign in to their desktops. All cloud portals come equipped with ID card readers, and each user receives an ID card with their credentials. Tap your card at any Cloud Portal in your office and your desktop will load, tap again at any other Cloud Portal and your work will follow you.


Cloud Portal is a fully managed IT infrastructure solution. The Hudson Cloud Systems team will proactively manage updating and patching your systems to keep them secure and up to date. Managing updates and patches in a timely manner is critical to reliable and secure IT systems.

For Who

Cloud Portal is designed to make scaling up as simple as adding additional users, making it the ideal solution for private practices, multi-location practices, and DSOs. Cloud Portal provides a unified infrastructure across locations and enables users to access their desktop at any of your locations.


Simplify IT management with our included hardware. A Cloud Portal subscription means never having to buy, repair or replace a computer or server ever again. Choose the right device for each user and area of your practice with our flexible deployment options.

Avoid Service Interuptions

IT outages are not just frustrating, but affect your business. Service interruptions can disrupt patient care and delay billing and revenue cycles. Cloud Portal is proactively monitored by the Hudson Team to provide a reliable and seamless high performance solution.


Security is central to the design of Cloud Portal. All of your company data is stored centrally in the cloud, with no data being stored on user devices, eliminating the need to worry about lost or stolen devices. All of your data is also backed up daily, providing restore points in the event of ransomware.


Cloud Portal is an easy way to achieve a HIPAA compliant IT infrastructure, right out of the box. A Cloud Portal subscription will include a BAA from Microsoft and and has been engineered by the Hudson Cloud Systems team to meet and maintain HIPAA compliance standards.

Your IT,
Fully Managed

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